“It is the child who makes the man, and no man exists who was not made by the child he once was.”

Montessori Independent Toddler Community (without parents)

The Montessori Independent Toddler Community caters for children, between 15 months – 3 years of age, with children attending without parents. The environment is prepared to complement the home and offers the toddler a place where they can achieve self-esteem, self-mastery and self-awareness through practice and repetition at their own pace.

The environments meets the needs of the toddler. Practical Life activities form the core of this programme with many new discoveries and opportunities to develop concentration, build confidence, exercise independence and take responsibility. Everything occurs at a slow pace – the pace of the young child.

The hours of operation are from 8:00am to 4:00pm and the programme operates from Monday to Friday, 48 weeks a year with the following attendance options:

  • Monday and Tuesday
  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Monday through Friday

Federal Government Child Care entitlements are available for this programme.

Daily Activities

The environment supports development of Practical Life Skills, Language, manipulative exercises and the outdoor learning environment.

Typically baking occurs every day alongside much food preparation; everything is done with purpose and the toddlers come together at lunchtime to celebrate the work and being a part of a community.

There are also opportunities for the children to practise the grace and courtesies that accompany such a gathering, such as setting a beautiful table with flowers and linen and observing and practising table etiquette.  These are real experiences where your toddler will acquire life skills, using real tools to achieve practical goals.

The child’s routine is sequential rather than time based, as sequence is what they understand at this age. The toddler’s need for gross and fine movement is supported in almost everything they participate in.

Independent toileting is supported and children participate in a rest period.