“Growth comes from activity, not from intellectual understanding.”

Our Middle School students learn from an academic curriculum that comprises of the Montessori National Curriculum mapped against the Australian National Curriculum. This builds a high level of understanding and solid foundation to progress to a senior secondary education.

The Montessori elements of our curriculum, designed to prepare students for life beyond school, enable our students to develop well-rounded skills that can be applied in the real world. Students work to a three-hour timetable as opposed to a regulated time per subject. We believe this encourages an engaged and full learning experience.

The Brisbane Montessori Middle School programme is:

  • learner centred
  • collaboratively organised
  • outcome based
  • flexibly constructed
  • ethically aware
  • strategically linked, and
  • community oriented.

The programme provides leadership development opportunities for all students. As such, this innovative programme embodies the essential elements of high-performing organisations. We believe this real-world approach is hugely beneficial to our students, irrespective of what they ultimately do or where they end up in the world.