“The things he sees are not just remembered; they form a part of his soul.”

Our core weekly programme includes:

  1. Peace Education – This is the essence of our learning, where students learn conflict resolution, grace and courtesy, mutual respect and gain humanistic knowledge.
  2. Occupations (chickens, bees, gardens) – This area of study helps students to learn holistically and supports social and moral development, team cohesion and leadership, and provides a sense of purpose, responsibility and problem solving opportunities.
  3. Micro-economies (market stalls, car wash, staff lunches) – These activities enable students to have real-world learnings in both manual and intellectual work. Students complete interdisciplinary studies and learn principles of supply and demand, and sustainability.
  4. Creative expression gives students the opportunity to physically and creatively express themselves through Music, Language, Arts, Dance, Drama and Pottery. This enables them to explore their identity, values, interests and talents.
  5. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) – This is project-based, integrated curricula delivered by specialist staff and includes elements such as digital technologies using 3D printers, Lego Mind Storms, Arduino, Coding and basic programming, film and media.
  6. Community Service – All students learn about contribution with purpose by mentoring our younger Montessori students and through the Duke of Edinburgh and Bridge Awards.
  7. Duke of Edinburgh and Bridge Awards – We offer the internationally recognised youth development programme, which involves students setting individual goals and working towards them in physical recreation, skill, service and adventurous journey activities.
  8. Extracurricular – Students can choose to participate in Film & Media, Art, Dance, the Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food as well as the Duke of Edinburgh programme.

In addition, every year students experience camps, whether an Outback tour, a Canberra trip or a school campout.

Whole-of-school activities include the book fair, the school dance, the art fest and carnivals such as sports day and the cross country run.