Brisbane Montessori Middle School, designed for adolescents, will help nurture, protect & guide our next generation through exciting & challenging formative years.

“The human hand allows the mind to reveal itself.”

Every stage of a child’s journey is important, however in most cases adolescence (12-15 years or Year 7 to 9) is the most challenging and transformative.

It is a period marked by major social and physical development, enhanced self- awareness and critical thinking, and growing independence and responsibilities. It is a time when young people evolve their knowledge, identity and direction in life.

This is why schooling that is purposefully designed for adolescence is so important and advantageous to students in this age group.

As Brisbane’s only Montessori school, our Middle School is a learning offering like no other. We blend the Montessori pedagogy with the Australian curriculum to help students develop holistically and academically to be independent, responsible, problem-solving adults.

At Brisbane’s only Montessori School, we wholeheartedly believe that a purposeful Middle School programme, designed for the needs of adolescence, will help nurture, protect and guide our next generation through these exciting and challenging formative years.