“Such experiences are not just play… It is work he must do in order to grow up.”

Primary School Curriculum

Our School delivers the Montessori National Curriculum which is recognised by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), the same national body that approved the Australian National Curriculum in 2012. The Montessori Curriculum has been mapped against the Australian National Curriculum so that parents can feel assured that children attending Brisbane Montessori are covering approved content.

Education between the ages of 6 – 12 is not a direct continuation of that which has gone before but it is built upon that foundation. This is a period for the acquisition of culture. In the Montessori programme everything is interrelated. Subject matter is not separated into small packages: this is science, this is maths etc.

Cosmic Education

The curriculum offered is called Cosmic Education and is experienced as a coherent whole. The Cosmic Education curriculum is very broad and covers the following interrelated discipline areas:

  • Language
  • Mathematics with Geometry and Measurement as distinct study areas
  • History and Geography
  • Science, with Biology as a distinct study area
  • Creative Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Language other than English (French)

This integrated approach is one of the primary Montessori programme’s great strengths. Montessori education is also about learning how to live. We want children to love learning, not the external and artificial rewards that are often used to motivate students.

In the classroom the child will:

Gain Mastery of Fundamental Skills and Basic Core Knowledge

Montessori Primary School students explore the realms of mathematics, science and technology, the world of myth, great literature, history, world geography, civics, economics, anthropology and the basic organisation of human societies. Their studies also cover the basics found in the traditional curriculum, such as the memorisation of maths facts, spelling lessons and the study of vocabulary, grammar, sentence analysis, creative and expository writing and library research skills.

Study Dr Montessori’s ‘Great Lessons’

The Great Lessons are five key areas of interconnected studies traditionally presented to all Primary Montessori students in the form of inspiring stories and related experiences and research projects. The Great Lessons include the story of how the world came to be, the development of life on the Earth, the story of humankind, the development of language and writing, and the development of mathematics. They are intended to give children a ‘cosmic’ (integrated) perspective of the Earth and humanity’s place within the cosmos.

Enjoy Individually Chosen Research

Students are encouraged to explore topics that capture their imagination, do independent reading and research, gather information, assemble reports, portfolios and handmade books, and share what they have learned with their peers.