Jason Tann

I am a proud father of three wonderful children who have been attending the Brisbane Montessori School (BMS) for over 7 years. Harper attends Poseidon, Charlie attends Bilby, and Jemima has recently transitioned to Tulipwood. Together with my wife Rebecca, we deeply respect BMS's commitment to nurturing each child's individuality and fostering emotional intelligence, compassion, thoughtfulness, and kindness. 

I have reached a stage in my life where I am eager to contribute more to the community and those around me. Collaboration and community involvement hold great value to me, and I strongly believe that by uniting with other parents, teachers, and the BMS Board, we can affect thoughtful and considerate changes that will greatly benefit the thriving BMS community. 

My primary goal is to wholeheartedly support the holistic growth of each child, fully embracing the Montessori guiding principles of fostering independence, promoting self-directed learning, and nurturing respect for every individual's unique journey at BMS. 

Additionally, I am passionate about advocating for the creative arts within the BMS curriculum. These artistic expressions, such as working with materials, culinary skills, agriculture, musical exploration, and theatre, to name a few, are essential components that can further enrich the Montessori experience.

I believe that these creative outlets play a crucial role in nurturing a well-rounded and fulfilled child. I am dedicated to aligning my efforts with its Montessori Philosophies, ensuring that every child's potential for growth and self-discovery is fully supported. Together, we can make BMS an even more dynamic and enriching environment for our children to thrive. 

Having spent over 25 years as an Operational Manager for Australia's leading electronics retailer, I have had the privilege of acquiring a diverse set of skills. I also have experience in residential building, training and development and promoting artistic expression. My experience has honed my strong interpersonal skills, allowing me to effectively engage with others. I take pride in my ability to cultivate a positive work culture that fosters collaboration and growth among team members.

Whilst I have experience in a variety of fields, my most important role is that of a dedicated parent to my three children. This role has taught me the value of being supportive and positively influential in their lives. I believe in continuous self-growth and development, both as an individual and as a parent. 

In summary, my extensive experience as an Operational Manager, coupled with my diverse interests and commitment to personal growth, makes me a well-rounded individual ready to contribute effectively to life at BMS.