Clubs & Activities

Each term from Weeks 1 to 9, Brisbane Montessori School is proud to offer our students from Lower Primary to Middle School (ages 7 to 16) a wide range of exciting and stimulating after school clubs and activities.

Each club and activity are designed to foster creative thinking, explore interests, and promote higher self-esteem in our students. It is through these thriving activities that our students begin to develop and form their identities and create broader perspectives. Our Clubs & Activities are run by a mix of Brisbane Montessori School staff and professional external providers, with some activities offered (dependent on the activity) having a cost involved.

You can explore our range of Clubs & Activities below.

French Club

Our French club is an enthusiastic group of students who enjoy a range of fun and interactive cultural activities connected to the French language. Run by our own French Teacher, students enjoy an hour a week fully immersed in French Culture. 

Drama Club

Drama club is a comprehensive and immersive performing arts program offered by an external provider, that puts your child in the spotlight. The custom-made program nurtures creativity, encourages uniqueness, and praises problem-solving. The program aims to open the doors to a world of playful possibilities and musical memories.

Coding & Robotics

Utilising Arduino and a variety of web development software students learn HTML, CSS and Javascipt along with building a range of robotic equipment.

3D Digital Animation & 3D Printing

Using 3D animation software and our very own on-site 3D printers, students are able to create and build a range of items as a part of this fun extracurricular club.

Watercolour Painting

Watercolour painting is a fun and creative way students can explore art and colour, particularly learning how to paint still life, landscapes and portrait works. Watercolour painting is offered a few times per year and is dependent on student interest.


Clogging is an energetic and percussive dance form that originated in the Appalachian Mountains of the United States. It has its roots in the European dances that were brought over to the United States by European settlers in the mid 1700s. Clogging is offered by an external provider, and all are welcome with no prior dance experience required.