Board of Directors

Montessori School Limited is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. The Directors are elected by the members of the parent body at the Annual General Meeting in May each year.

The composition of the Board includes up to seven Directors (elected by the members) and can also include two co-opt positions, which are appointed by the elected Directors.

Elected Directors hold office for a term of two years, upon which they can re-stand for further two (2) two year terms (up to a total of 6 consecutive years), after which they are required to step down. Co-opted Directors hold a one year term on appointment by the elected directors, after which time they may be re-appointed. The Board of Directors is required to meet ten times per annum and these meetings are held on school premises unless circumstances prevent this. The meetings can then be held via online video conferencing applications. 

To be nominated for a Director position you must be in possession of a Blue Card, which is issued by Blue Card Services. This process can take some time to complete so if you are considering nomination then please apply for your Blue Card early. The Blue Card is issued free of charge for volunteers and forms can be obtained from the School Office. 

The Board holds legal responsibility for the school and has ultimate control over school governance. The Principal is responsible for the day-to-day operational running of the school.

Contact the Board by email:

Brisbane Montessori School Board - 2023/2024