Market Stalls

A unique concept to Brisbane Montessori School, students from Lower Primary to Middle School have the opportunity to take part in an after-school Market Stall.

Usually held on a Friday, over the term, students set aside time in class to prepare a range of products to sell and work together in a team to come up with a business plan and pricing structure. These products can range from produce grown in their garden, to baked goods, woven bracelets and hair ties that are all student made.

Completely student-led, the Market Stall’s are set up and packed down by students and include the handling of a float and the budgeting for a small stall fee, to mimic that of a weekend farmers market.

Market Stalls are a fantastic way our students can utilise their in class learning in a real-world context to further develop and imbed their independence and life skills through experiential learning. The stalls also assist our students in the development of skills such as marketing, working with customers, as well as handling money which is then used for class projects or donated to a charity.