Why Brisbane Montessori School

“Here at Brisbane Montessori School, we pride ourselves on creating and fostering independent, accountable students that are well-balanced and academically minded global citizens.” – Chris Peach, Principal.

Non-denominational; Brisbane Montessori School welcomes you to become a part of a close-knit and accepting community who celebrate differences and encourage a culture of respect, kindness, and peace. The first time you arrive at our school you will notice an absence of school uniforms and a beautiful green expanse that provides students abundant freedom and space to play. Our classrooms are distinctive because of unique Montessori education materials, and our philosophy stands out because teachers are present to guide, rather than ‘teach’. It is a positive and friendly environment that fosters peace and feels like an extended family.

Students learn in different ways. So, we take the time to understand students on an individual level, to appreciate how to best cater to their learning style.  

Unlike that of traditional or mainstream schooling systems, our teachers are ‘Class Directors’ who guide student learning through a range of academic activities that are carefully planned around individual learning styles. Classrooms are not set up in the traditional desk formation of a mainstream school, but rather at hexagonal tables that promote student collaboration and maximise learning. The Class Director moves between tables during class cycles, constantly evaluating student work and providing direction when required. This allows for students to learn in an environment where they are supported and feel safe, without fear of judgement or being singled out in front of their peers. 

Classroom Dynamics 

Our classroom dynamic not only allows our students to learn at their own pace, promoting autonomy and collaboration simultaneously, but it also gives students a chance to advance themselves academically, with plenty of opportunity to extend their learning. As students mature, they learn how to reflect critically at their own classroom work and adapt their outlook on tasks, resulting in a greater sense of synthesis and achievement.   

Another major benefit of our school is the multi-aged classrooms and three-year cycles. Amongst one of the most unique elements of a Montessori education, the three-year cycles allow our students to gain exposure to a diverse array of skills and interests, and a wider academic and holistic curriculum beyond the singular year. Our Class Directors often say that one of the most rewarding facets of their job is seeing the confidence gained by students as they work their way through their three-year cycle to become mentors and role models for the younger students. This fosters an immense sense of achievement amongst older students and allows younger students to feel supported in their classroom environments. The three-year cycle presents students with a family-like learning structure which promotes a sense of belonging and comfort, resulting in greater academic and social outcomes.  

Campus Facilities 

Our campus is among our most unique offerings. We are nestled amongst a beautiful nature reserve alongside the Brisbane River with an abundance of fresh air, natural space, and shady trees. Through our expansive play and learn areas - including large and secure playgrounds, a hardcourt, and ovals neighbouring with farm land - students are encouraged to explore their innate sense of curiosity and wonder. 

We encourage you to take a campus tour and experience a classroom observation to experience this for yourself. 

You can discover the exciting future of our spaces via our 2023 Master Plan, which you can view here.