Goings Out

“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” Dr Maria Montessori

Goings Out are a unique concept to Montessori and are a brilliant way for students to explore their curiosity and discover the world outside the prepared environment of the classroom. Goings Out are a way students can further research a topic they are interested in or passionate about, through an experiential learning experience.  

The Goings Out experience allows students to learn how to collaborate and problem-solve and utilise these skills in the real world. Students are also able to learn grace and courtesy skills such as booking appointments or experiences over the phone and correct etiquette and behaviours to match the learning environments.  

Students are encouraged to compile and submit a report form to the Principal that details their interests, the place or landmark they would like to visit and all research to justify their experience.

Brisbane Montessori School Bus

We are fortunate to have our own brand new 11-seater branded bus, that was purchased with assistance from our wonderful Parents and Friends Association. The bus has a multitude of safety features and can only be driven by a selection of staff who have received extensive defensive driving and road safety training. These select staff have also been extensively trained in the installation of a booster seat so that students of all ages are able take part in Goings Out experiences.