Louise Mercer

Our family joined the Brisbane Montessori School community in 2020. I have two children at the school, Lachie (Moana), and Harvey (Grevillea) and my husband, Aron is a Grevillea class parent. We knew as soon as we walked into this beautiful school that we wanted to build our lives in Brisbane in and around this community, and we have witnessed in our own children their fires for lifelong learning be lit and nurtured.

Our Montessori journey began in Sydney with our eldest, and after seeing him complete a year in mainstream schooling and then resume Montessori in Brisbane, we are convinced that there is both logic and magic in the Montessori method to deliver positive academic, creative, social and human outcomes. My intention in joining the Board is to bring my professional experience in growing successful and sustainable businesses and creating purposeful cultures, in service of the school community. My skills are in leadership, strategic planning through to business execution, customer experience design and opportunity evaluation across large corporate financial services and more recently in a leading global technology scale-up, and I have past experience as Deputy-Chair on a not-for-profit board focussed on education and poverty alleviation. My own lived experience is that initiative, community-mindedness, empathy, creativity, sense-making, and resourcefulness are the very skills needed in this fast-changing world and I look forward to supporting the school achieve its strategic goals whilst staying true to the values at its heart.