KindiCare Quality Index Rates Brisbane Montessori School Children’s House programs ‘Excellent’.

Children's House Monday, 12 Sept 2022

In their recently released 2022 quality index (as reported in the Courier Mail), the Australian childcare rating index KindiCare rated kindergarten and childcare centres nationwide on a scale from 1-10. The Brisbane Montessori School Children’s House programs received a score of 9.2 ‘excellent’ – one of just 300 programs Australia-wide scoring an ‘excellent’ rating. Principal, Chris Peach says he is pleased with the curriculum offerings and the expertise of the educators that run these programs.

“Our Children’s House programs, including our Montessori Independent Toddler Community, are carefully prepared to ensure students are engaging and completing tasks for themselves – and our staff do an excellent job in facilitating this independence in our students,” Chris said. 

“We have an exceptionally collaborative and passionate team in Children’s House, whose combined experience in education gives our students a diverse learning experience within the unique Montessori educational framework,” he said. 

“A range of tough selection criteria were involved in this fantastic result, and I congratulate our team for their ongoing dedication to the educational (including practical life) goals of our students.”     

Recently enrolling her three-and-a-half-year-old son in Children’s House, current parent, Amy says in just over a month the program has changed her son’s outlook on learning and going to school. 

“Since he began five weeks ago, he has really come out of his shell and is a completely different child,” Amy said.

“At our previous centre, it used to be a struggle for me to get him inspired to go. Since starting in the Children’s House program, he enjoys going to school and is so much more independent in the way he talks and interacts, everything he learns he takes home,” she said.

“He wants to do everything for himself now, even wanting to dress himself for school – as a parent, this is wonderful to see.” 

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